miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2011


Ok guys, I wrote this post for an special activity to my english
In this activity we need to do a track list for somebody...& I chose a classmate from my class who is a very special friend named

With this opportunity I prepared a selection of my favorite music to show them to her.
Btw, I consider this an opportunity to show a little part of my soul in the sounds of the songs.

Music are the auditive emotions of the people.. We could see our
lifes in photographs, but we could understand them with the music.

So, Jeo I hope you really enjoy the song's and the videos too...
Like I enjoyed went I choosing it for you...

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  1. Hi Anna, thanks for adding this to your blog. That really means a lot to me.
    I liked them all!
    More than cheer me up, they gave me a moment to reflect.
    The last video really cuases something strong on me. I am not sure how to describe it...between fear and shock. Hope you understand hahaha
    I feel something weird while I'm watching it.

    Thanks once again.